MS Backup Repair Software Tool – Product Manual

MS Backup Repair Software successfully recovers, open & restore corrupt BKF files. Software involves few steps to recover data from corrupt or damaged BKF Files.

» Open BKF Repair

Go to Start » Programs » BKF Repair. Open BKF Repair, initial software start–up screen appear as follows:

Screenshot MS Backup Repair Software

» Load Corrupt Backup File

Click on "Scan File" button and the following screen appears.

Screenshot MS Backup Repair Software

» Select the Corrupt BKF file by browsing, Load it and Open the File

Screenshot MS Backup Repair Tool

» Next, select the needed scanning option among "Quick scan", "Deep scan" and "Range Based scan"

Quick Scan: Choose the option for th recovery of less corrupted BKF File
Deep Scan: Deep scanning works in can of severe corruption of BKF File
Range Based Backup: To save your time, select range of BKF file to scan & repair

Screenshot MS Backup Repair Utility

» Click "Scan Button" to begin the scanning process. The screen appears as follows showing the recovery status

Screenshot MS Backup Repair Software

» Search Files within BKF File

You can search for particular files, images, pictures using Search from the top of the screen. Learn how to search files in BKF file ?

» View Content of Files

MS Backup Repair allows you to check files integrity i.e whether the selected file is corrupt or not. Select the file from the File View and Right click the file, select View File from context menu.

Screenshot Repair bkf file

» As you click on extract button following screen pop-up, showing the two export options.

Extract at Original Location: Select this mode to save the files at there original location after recovery of the file. This option wil automatically restore the file to original location.

Extract at Selected Location: Select the mode to save file at any location of your choice. You can save the file after recovery to any location of your choice to save the file.

Corrupt BKF File

» As you click extract button, software save all the files in seconds and following message appears. Click "OK" to finish.

Corrupt BKF File